Chinese Embassy in US refutes US' support for Taiwan's involvement in UN

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China resolutely refutes US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's remarks calling on support for the island of Taiwan's involvement in the United Nations (UN), spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US said on Wednesday, pointing out that the question is not one of values, but one of politics, and that the US' support for Taiwan secessionists in "seeking international space" is the biggest threat to the peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits. 
Blinken on Tuesday called on all UN member states to support the island's "robust" participation in the UN system, and "contest ongoing pressure from China to block the self-ruled island's access to international organizations," Reuters reported. 
In response to his remarks, the Chinese Embassy expressed strong dissatisfaction and lodged solemn representation in a statement on Wednesday, saying that the one-China principle is a widely recognized consensus among the international community and the bottom line of China's diplomatic relations with other countries, which does not allow the US' challenge and distortion.
Some 180 countries including the US have established diplomatic ties with China on the basis of adherence to the one-China principle, the statement said. Taiwan's participation in the UN must abide by such rules as well, which has already been politically, legally and procedurally defined in the UN Resolution 2758, which uprooted the problem of China's representation in the UN once and for all, said the statement. 
US' support for Taiwan secessionists on the so-called topic of seeking international space has led "Taiwan independent" forces further down the road that has become the biggest threat to the peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, it said, and the crux that has blocked Taiwan from multilateral institutions such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Health Organization. 
In fact, Taiwan has unobstructed access to ICAO information and convenient air access to cities around the world. The island's health experts can also participate in relevant WHO meetings on the premise of the one-China principle. Taiwan's access to public health information, including the latest pandemic outbreak, is open and smooth. 
Some 50 years ago, the US had tried to hype up the "two China" theories on the UN stage but it ended up a total failure. Today, its blatant support and provocation to the basic norms of international relations are also doomed to fail, the statement added. 
The embassy notes that the political foundation for China and the US interactions are the one-China principle and the three Joint Communiqués. The embassy also urged the US to keep its promises and stick to the foundation of bilateral ties. 
I don’t think it will come to serious clashes. They will chat and forget.
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