The European institutions are calling for people to go out and vote at Brussels Pride

brussels times​​​​

    European institutions have used the platform of Brussels Pride to encourage citizens to vote in the upcoming European elections planned for 9th June.

    A special voting booth has been constructed for the occasion, reminding people to vote to prevent others from misusing theirs.

    Key figures who have symbolically cast a vote include: Helena Dalli, the European Commissioner for Equality; Hadja Lahbib, the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs; as well as Caroline Gennez, the Minister for Development Cooperation and Metropolitan Policy.

    “The European Union is a democracy where every citizen’s voice matters,” a European Parliament press release stated. Institutions and staff members taking part in Pride are focusing on freedom of expression, encouraging festival goers to raise their voices by sharing their Pride messages, especially promoting a safer society.

    2024 being an electoral year, one of the key tasks involves informing and creating awareness about the impending elections.

    The campaign video for this year’s European elections emphasises that democracy is a collective responsibility and suggests that using one’s vote is a way to fulfill this duty.

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