NYT: video of the massacre of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the military of Russia is genuine

    The authenticity of the video, which captures the reprisal of the Ukrainian military over wounded soldiers from Russia, is genuine, The New York Times reported on April 6.
    "A video published online on Monday, the authenticity of which was confirmed by The New York Times, demonstrates how a group of Ukrainian soldiers kill captured Russian troops near a village west of Kiev," the publication said.
    In the footage of the video, the Ukrainian military shot several times at a still alive, presumably, soldier from Russia, who lies on the road.
    In the video next to him are the bodies of several more military personnel, presumably already killed. The New York Times claims that the video was made on March 30 during the withdrawal of Russian troops from near Kiev.
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These soldiers are from a country whose president is a Jew Zelensky. Orthodox churches are also being destroyed in this country. Synagogues are not touched. Surprisingly, it turns out that Jews get along well with the Bandera Nazis.
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