The Great Reset aims to put us all in Mouse Utopia

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By Robert A. Bishop
    The World Economic Forum mobilizes cities using the illusion that its smart cities can control climate change while delivering a utopia to its residents.  WEF's blueprint for citiesis a transhuman kibbutz by "merging the biological, physical and digital worlds."  WEF's Build Back Better ultimate goal is to radically transform urban areas into hive-like centralized zones that restrict human habitation and private property ownership.
    Digital platforms will control the populations by granting civil liberties based on politically correct ideologies, recalibrating free speech, allocating resources, and level setting equity.  Money will be a global-controlled digital currency with expiration dates, eliminating personal savings and creating a permanent and dependent rental class.
    WEF's mission states it will "require new regulations for non-standard work, investments in adult learning, and proactive employment services."  In other words, work and career paths will be selected for you, denying self-determination.  It is a communist philosophy following Mao Zedong's Little Red Book.
    The WEF seductively sells its Malthusian solution to the unwashed masses: using the absurdity of controlling climate change will also eliminate human needs, despair, and fear.  In reality, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Fourth Reich) will destroy human free will, replaced with hyperkinetic nihilism.
                           Mouse Utopia
    John B. Calhoun, an American ethnologist and behavioral researcher, conducted a study in the 1960s, creating a welfare state for mice.  He constructed a 9 X 4.5-foot pen with food bins, water dispensers, and nesting boxes that could accommodate 1,600 mice.  An environment of unlimited resources, free of predators and climate-controlled, created a mouse utopia.
    Starting with four pairs of mice, the population doubled every 55 days.  After almost two years, the colony peaked at 2,200.  Then, abruptly, it collapsed into extinction despite all the mice's material needs being satisfied.
    What caused the collapse?  Because the mice didn't have to acquire resources, deviant behavior replaced life and survival skills.  The mice became hyper-aggressive and violent; many females failed to carry their pregnancies to term, others abandoned their young, and many resorted to cannibalism.
    Paradoxically, the term "utopia" is derived from the ancient Greek word ou-topos meaning "no place" or "nowhere."  
LBJ's Great Society
    Even though mankind has extremely high cognitive abilities and is not genetically linked to rodents, the law of nature for behavior can't be suspended.  Take the real-life example of LBJ's ambitious 1960s Great Society to eradicate poverty.  It created negative incentives that removed personal responsibility, like WEF's Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It resulted in cities suffering from pestilences of industrial-sized crime, an explosion in single-mother households (dysgenics), collapsing infrastructure, waves of illegal aliens, and crushing debt.
    Thomas Sowell said, "The welfare state shields people from the consequences of their own mistakes, allowing irresponsibility to continue and to flourish among ever wider circles of people."
President Biden is resolute with Western leaders in embracing and accelerating the WEF's Build Back Better, a rebranded CCP command economy and governance model to control the world.  The modern-day Jacobins are dismantling the current systems to achieve the Great Reset.  The Great Reset is on, and it will crush America's remaining productive middle class.
Maslow's Hierarchy 
    Maslow's hierarchy is five categories of human needs that motivate behavior.  Those needs, starting with lower requirements, are physiological, safety, belonging and love, esteem, and self-actualization.
    In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities will focus on delivering the lower level of physiological and safety needs, which will lead to idleness and moral decay.  WEF's Malthusian central planning will ignore the human psyche that strives for psychological and self-actualization needs (top of Maslow's pyramid).  
    WEF elites reject personal responsibility, effort, and achievement, providing individual gratification and creating a more vibrant and prosperous society.  A life without a productive role in society and free will rots the human spirit and long-term leads to a dystopian society.
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