Syria and Italy sign two cooperation agreements on restoring and reviving Barada River


Rome, SANA
    The University of Damascus and the Governorate of Damascus signed two cooperation agreements with the Italian Mayella National Park on exchanging experiences and to serve the national project of reviving and restoring Barada River and preserve its biodiversity and natural resources.The aim of the project is to restore the vital course of the river to its natural, vital and heritage form in terms of green shoulders, blue and green corridors and the river’s campus, and to remove urban encroachments based on urban studies regulating sewage encroachments on the river, road networks and land use plans.
    Dr. Ghada Bilal, Deputy Dean of the Higher Institute for Regional Planning and Director of the National Project for the Revitalization of the Barada River signed the on behalf of the Syrian side and Lucio Azara, President of the Italian Maiella National Park on behalf of italy.
    Its was signed during a scientific symposium in Italy, attended by experts from both sides.
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