China successfully tests first high-thrust reusable liquid oxygen-kerosene engine

global times

By Fan Wei
   China has successfully completed two-start tests of the 130-ton reusable liquid oxygen-kerosene secondary combustion cycle engine on Saturday, the Global Times learned from its developer, the 6th Research Institute of China's Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
    The type of engine is designed for the repeated use of China's new generation of carrier rockets. The engines are notable for their high comprehensive performance, strong expansion capacity and high reliability. They are a key element in supporting the development of China's reusable space vehicles, and meet the needs of space activities such as the operation of China's space station, and improve China's ability to enter and leave space at scale and low cost.
    The Global Times learned from company that on the basis of fully inheriting the development technology of the series, the development team of the 6th Research Institute completed the whole process of the demonstration and verification from the scheme design in less than one year.
    In addition, new technologies such as 3D printing, automatic welding and intelligent assembly are being adopted for some components of the engine, and breakthroughs have been made in the core and key technologies such as the repeated use of high-thrust engine high-pressure secondary combustion twice ignition and continuous variable thrust, another significant milestone.
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