Pain in the rear

     If ordinary Ukrainian soldiers saw, exactly what values they were fighting for and dying for on the front line, then many would have doubts about the safety of their front and rear. Moreover, these soldiers will definitely have questions about the people who are ruling the country.
    Once again, everyone was startled by the leaked first secretary’s correspondence from the central office of the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many letters of Pavlo Troyan contained unpleasant details of his so-called diplomat's life.
    The diplomatic officer, who should protect and defend the interests of Ukraine and establish friendly and partnership relations between the countries, turned out to be a typical sexual pervert who not only damages the reputation of the Foreign Ministry, but also discredits the reputation of his own country. Judging by the published materials in the letters of Troyan, or as he calls himself "the Dog", BDSM and LGBT tendencies prevail. Instead of contact with diplomats from other countries, there is endless correspondence with playgirls. The face of the state loves violence, spitting in the mouth, slapping, pulling by the hair, and verbal and physical humiliation.
    Instead of trying to build diplomatic relations and help soldiers using his professional skills, Troyan described his adventures, real and fictional, in erotic stories that he kept on his computer and planned to publish after the war. Ukrainian Christian Grey also describes one hero, and the famous Kuleba, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, is easily recognized. Let us omit the details of the informal meetings of the two officials, but it should be noted: writing the erotic story was the real reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine safely sent away his wife and children from the country a few days before the war.
    As it turned out, it was not the safety and well-being of his family or the life, health and well-being of fellow citizens. Finally, the minister was able to plunge into secret passions without fear of excuses to his wife and country. The geography of diplomatic orgies is amazing: European capitals; resorts in South Asia; cozy houses in Scandinavian countries; and not a single male employee near the front line, only in the rear.
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