National Meeting Held to Celebrate 75th Birthday of DPRK Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Attends Meeting


    Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) -- The whole country is significantly celebrating the birthday of the glorious DPRK at a time when all the people are dynamically opening up a new phase of development for the building of a socialist power full of confidence in the validity and invincibility of their cause while demonstrating to the world the prestige of their powerful and dignified state under the leadership of the great Party.

    A national meeting was held with splendor in the capital city of Pyongyang on September 8 to celebrate the 75th founding anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

    Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, attended the meeting.

    When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un appeared at the platform amid the playing of welcome music, all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of "Hurrah!", looking up to him, the symbol of all glory of our state and people and the representative of great dignity, who ushered in a new era of an independent power to be specially recorded in the 5 000-year-long history of the nation and guides the historic cause of overall national prosperity to victory with his outstanding idea and extraordinary leadership.

    He warmly acknowledged the enthusiastic cheers and extended warm congratulations to all the participants and to all the civilians and service personnel of the country significantly greeting the founding anniversary of the DPRK with boundless pride of being citizens of Juche Korea.

    The meeting platform was taken by Kim Tok Hun, Jo Yong Won, Choe Ryong Hae and Ri Pyong Chol, members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, and other senior officials of the Party and the government, leading officials of the armed forces organs, chief secretaries of the provincial Party committees, chairpersons of the provincial people's committees, leading officials of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly, the Cabinet and working people's organizations and persons of merit and labor innovators.

    Present at the meeting were participants in the celebrations of the 75th DPRK birthday, officials of the WPK Central Committee, ministries and national institutions, service personnel of the Korean People's Army, students of revolutionary schools and officials and working citizens in Pyongyang Municipality.

    The DPRK national anthem was solemnly played.

    Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and premier of the Cabinet, made a report at the national meeting.

    He said that thanks to the outstanding guidance of the WPK, the invincible vitality of the people's government and the heroic struggle of the people taking power in their hands, the DPRK made a great leap forward into a powerful country in a short historical period, along with the historic time when the foundation of the DPRK was declared to the world and the present powerful state was born in the 75-year-long immortal course shining with dignity and glory.

    The tremendous power and prestige of the DPRK are the victory of the WPK's idea and policy, the people's government and the Korean-style socialist system as well as the victory of the strong self-respect and fortitude of the Korean people who have firmly defended its validity, advantages and invincible vitality, the reporter said, adding that the past 10-odd-year-long struggle waged under the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un proves it with good fruition.

    The DPRK government will thoroughly embody the Party's Juche-oriented state building idea and line to further consolidate the people's power and bolster up the overall national power in every way, and will remain boundlessly loyal to its sacred duty to realize the people's rights and interests, taking the responsibility for their destiny and life to the last under any crisis, the reporter stressed.

    He ardently called upon all the civilians and service personnel to become creators of feats and honorable victors in the historic struggle of today which leads their faith and efforts for realizing the ideal of a prosperous and powerful country with one mind and one will to a great fresh victory under the leadership of the WPK.

    The participants were deeply moved by the report full of the great honor and pride of the people who are reliably preserving and glorifying the proud history and tradition of the genuine People's Republic and opening up a new horizon for the overall development of the state along the road of independence in politics, self-support in the economy and self-reliance in national defence, the road of socialism guided by the ever-victorious WPK.

    All the participants deeply felt once again the conviction that the DPRK would bring about proud victory, glory and eternal prosperity thanks to the outstanding idea and leadership of the great leader and the united strength of the popular masses rallied close around the Party Central Committee.

    The national meeting fully displayed the revolutionary spirit of all the civilians and service personnel to further consolidate and glorify the dignity and national power of socialist Korea and bring earlier the bright future of the Juche-based power under the uplifted banner of the our-state-first principle by faithfully upholding the idea and leadership of the great Comrade Kim Jong Un with single-hearted devotion.

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