Israel’s war on Gaza live: Mass displacement as Israelis intensify assaults

al jazeera

By Alastair Mccready and Zaheena Rasheed
   Deadly battles rage in Gaza’s north with Palestinian armed groups attacking invading Israeli troops in small-arms ambushes and with rocket fire and improvised explosive devices.

    The International Rescue Committee (IRC) says the “scale of the crisis defies imagination” in southern Gaza as Israeli ground forces invade Rafah and mass displacement leaves people in need of food and water, and lacking adequate sanitation.

    A major fissure in Israel’s war cabinet is exposed with Defence Minister Yoav Gallant challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s unspecified plans for post-war Gaza.

    Tensions continue to escalate between Egypt and Israel with reports suggesting Cairo is contemplating downgrading relations because of the attack on Rafah.

    At least 35,233 people have been killed and 79,141 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. The death toll in Israel from Hamas’s attacks stands at 1,139 with dozens of people still held captive.

    To date, Israel has placed 78 percent of Gaza Strip under evacuation orders

    OCHA, the UN’s humanitarian agency, said the Israeli military has issued five evacuation orders for north and south Gaza since May 6, expanding the total area subjected to such orders since the war began to 78 percent of the enclave’s territory.

    This encompasses all areas north of Wadi Gaza, whose residents were instructed to evacuate in late October, as well as specific areas south of Wadi Gaza designated for evacuation by the Israeli military since December 1, it said.

    “As families continue to be displaced, many for the fifth time since the onset of hostilities, Israeli-designated ‘humanitarian zones’ for the displaced remain unsafe,” OCHA added, citing aid agencies.

    California university heeds student call to boycott Israeli institutions

    Heeding calls from pro-Palestine students pushing for a boycott of Israeli companies and institutions over the war in Gaza, Sonoma State University has said that it will no longer enter partnerships with Israeli universities.

    Sonoma State’s president, Mike Lee, said the school had reached an agreement with the protesters and would do more to disclose its contracts and seek “divestment strategies” from Israeli institutions.

    In exchange, the students agreed to dismantle their cluster of tents on campus by Wednesday evening.

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