I have a sneaking suspicion Michael Cohen is lying again

american thinker​​​

By Jack Hellner 

    Michael Cohen is a congenital (and convicted) liar, but when he took the stand as a witness for Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” trial, Cohen said the reason he took a home equity line out to pay Stormy Daniels instead of pulling money out of his checking account is so that his wife wouldn’t see the withdrawal.

    Here are a few leads to all Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists and reporting on the trial:

    If you take out a home equity line, all the parties owning the home have to sign the document; yet it certainly does not appear that Cohen owned his residence by himself. Therefore, if this is true, his wife would have had to sign the loan papers, and this seems like something worth investigating.

    And, why weren’t the Clintons charged with an election crime when they employed the use of the “bimbo eruptions” squad to hide the truth about all the women with whom Bill couldn’t control himself? Why weren’t all the media outlets at the time charged with catching and killing those stories to protect the Clintons, as the outlets were obviously campaigning for Bill?

    Why wasn’t Barack Obama charged with an election crime, when he worked so hard to hide the truth about his close relationship with Bill Ayers and fixer Tony Rezko? Why weren’t all the media outlets charged for catching and killing negative stories about Obama while they campaigned for him too?

    Why wasn’t Joe Biden charged with an election crime for his lies about the laptop and his family corruption? Why weren’t FBI officials charged with burying the story? Why weren’t the “51 former intelligence officials” charged for their role in the disinformation campaign? Why weren’t all the social media outlets and other journalists charged for catching and killing the story?

    The courts would be jammed up if every politician who worked to bury unflattering stories were criminally charged.

    It is not a crime to pay a nuisance a “go-away” fee and use an NDA.

    It is not a crime to code a bill from a lawyer as a legal expense.

    It is not a crime for newspapers and other media outlets to pick and choose which stories they run.

    This is purely a political prosecution and has been obvious from the start.

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