A Gift From God

american thinker​​​

By Anthony J. DeBlasi 

    “The Internet is a gift from God,” said my brother once, “that will save mankind from tyranny and injustice. The people now have a power to reckon with.”

    I think my wise old brother had forgotten that those in power control the means of mass communication, including the Internet. Did he not see that in this capacity they can use the Internet to make “the people” parrot their narratives and follow their agendas? Had he not observed how easy it is to mold the opinion of a public dumbed down for generations in the public schools? Were we actually to believe that people could liberate themselves from tyranny and injustice with computers, smartphones, tablets and what-have-you?

    The reality is that those in power have been treating the general public as a massive pool of voters for achieving their ambitions, thanks to communication technology, using the “democratic process” as a vote-grabbing enterprise. It should be revealing to anyone with a clear mind and sharp eye that leftists and their fellow travelers have wrecked the democratic process, while pretending that they are the guardians of democracy, not Constitution followers like Trump and his supporters. This total hypocrisy proves their hatred of democracy.

    Whatever the Left stands for, it isn’t justice for everyday Americans – the life and blood of this country – whom a prominent leftist has called “a basket of deplorables” and other leftists have dipped lower for their smears against people who dare stand up against so-called “progress” that in fact degrades humanity.

    My brother learned the hard way what ordinary, working Americans are up against when he ran for New York State senate in 1982, under the Right to Life party, and lost.

    Saddest fact of the matter of justice for humanity is that during the culture war that followed the 1960s social revolution, the mainstream churches, which at one time were the essential moral support for Americans, began to lose their way and line up with the deceitful Left, busy spinning Christianity with Marxism. It was called Liberation Theology, but Liberation from Christian Theology would have been a more honest name. This was in violation of their mission to lead, not follow the world, following the Gospel. Their retreat from what is sacred to humanity alienated the faithful, and many chose not to march to the new drumbeat and leave the church to seek spiritual support and guidance elsewhere.

    Why so many church leaders abandoned the faith and defected to the Left may be puzzling, but my guess is that many lacked the courage and stamina to hold firm to the teachings of Christ, transmitted to us by his disciples by way of the Gospel.

    To return to the value of the Internet for promoting justice, the reality is that a computer, smartphone, or any device of access to the Internet is, to begin with, not even one’s own property. They really belong to the corporate conglomerate that controls them. These devices can be disabled against the will of the users by those who run them, and this includes the government, along with private hackers.

    The evidence ought to make it abundantly clear that technology is subject to manipulation by those who provide it and make it work. It is naïve to think that elicit operation of technology is not of serious concern. The tragic record of destruction and disaster aided and abetted by technology is a part of history that is a blank in far too many minds.

    Where then is a true line of communication for the good to be found? This question has been answered by men and women of every level of I.Q. who have recognized it and gratefully accepted it. In simplest terms, it is the repository on earth of God’s mind and will, namely the church founded by Christ [Matthew 16:18]. This House of God on Earth is the vessel of the Gospel given to his disciples and transmitted to us in order to connect with the One who gave us life, as well as the best way to live it: the Creator, God.

    That the church established by Christ has been the target of destruction since its beginning should not be a surprise, for it stands in the way of “progress” that harms people. It needs to be a lesson for more than historians that the Church has withstood every storm threatening its downfall, via corruption, mismanagement, and design (today operating from inside as well as outside the church). Such stubborn resistance through the ages is a reminder that the Church is the imperishable link of the people to their Creator.

    Those who believe that we are in “the end times” are not therefore justified in yielding to the Godless hordes who knowingly or unknowingly push for a global dystopia in the name of “progress,” while they wave every political flag they can grab to help bring on this nightmare for humanity.

    For those who believe that the world is beyond hope of repair, the following may help dispel that notion. Reassurance 101 is a reminder that the intense daily bombardment of horrible news veils the activity, energy, and vitality of people everywhere, regardless of background, fighting for the good. And never forget the deepest reassurance of all: the Word of God, heard wherever the uncompromised Gospel is spoken.

    The current anticipated demise of the Church is today being denied by surging millions throughout the world who are rising up in a great awakening that reaffirms the Church’s earthly power and relevance in the world.

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