MSNBC analyst urges the military to act to stop Trump's election

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By Eric Utter 

    Crazed MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch recently urged the U.S. military to release an ad campaign against former President Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

    True story, as Joe Biden might say.

    According to MEAWW, a newer internet publication, Deutsch said:

    “Contrast is everything in this election. And I think the military is the greatest example to show the contrast between two men. You see Donald Trump who, you know, got off, didn’t serve because of bunions and allegedly told John Kelly, his chief of staff … as they were in a cemetery looking at fallen heroes, ‘why would any person be a sucker and give their life for their country?’ And that’s all you need to know about Donald Trump.”

    The “alleged” story has been revealed to be less of a story and more 'alleged.'

    It's like nearly everything else said of Trump by those who are so blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can no longer see anything that doesn’t feed their hatred or comport with their agenda. And anyone who ends their comments about something that someone “allegedly” did by remarking, “And that’s all you need to know” about that someone is a cad whose apocryphal story should be automatically dismissed.

    The MSNBC anal-ist also, incredibly, stated:

    “I think the most compelling advertising campaign would be centered around the military. If we got Mattis, McMaster, Milley and Kelly, to go to screen and say, ‘look this country cannot stand Donald Trump. The defense of this country will not stand Donald Trump. We are great Americans. We believe in the country. We trust this country. We know this country. You can’t vote for Donald Trump.’ I think the military is the secret weapon in this election and I hope those ads come to fruition.”

    That’s ironic. He thinks the military is “the secret weapon” that should tell the American people: “You can’t vote for Donald Trump?”

    What happened to the long-cherished American concept of separating the civilian government from the military? Democrats’ disdain for civilians combined with their control of the military. That’s what happened.

    Deutsch has previously spoken of “the evilness of Donald Trump” and labeled him as nothing more than the “Chief Crime Boss.” In this particular appearance, he slandered nearly half of all Americans, stating, “If you vote for Trump, you’re the bad guy.”

    Ironically, as “Deutsch” directly translates to “German,” Donny Boy also said of Trump supporters, “You, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, go(ing) ‘you here, you here.’”

    Let me see if I have this straight: To progressives, “Kink shaming” is bad, but MAGA shaming is a defense of democracy?!

    I, for one, have had enough of these deviants, these projecting perverts.

    They are the bad guys… and gals … and whatever other genders they care to name or invent. How do we know this? If you silently pray outside of an abortion mill, they want you arrested. If, however, you protest for Hamas, a terror group who killed many innocent women on or about October 7 by using a blowtorch on their genital regions, they will speak up for your right to do so … if not actually praise you for your courage…even as you claim to be the real victim yourself. (Of course, they also support the genital mutilation of young people in this country who profess gender confusion, however briefly, so …)

    Anyone who proposes that the party in power use the military to affect the outcome of the next presidential election “to save our democracy” either has no understanding of democracy or is clinically insane. Or evil. Or some combination of the three.

    In any case, they have no business lecturing — or threatening — the rest of us.

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